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M - F: 7:30am - 10pm, Sat - Sun: 8am - 10pm

Specialty Artisan Coffee Shop serving top quality coffee. We also serve pastries, panini, other food, cakes, macarons, and more.

Come and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

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At Alchemist Coffee Project, we brew coffee with mainly five different methods. Espresso, pour over/manual drip, french press, siphon, and cold brew.


Synesso Cyncra, the heart of our cafe

Synesso Cyncra, the heart of our cafe

Espresso is produced when pressurized hot water flows through a tightly tamped/packed bed of finely ground coffee. With the right parameters and skills, the result is a beautiful shot rich in sweetness and body. At our cafe, we pull double shots through naked baskets with our Synesso Cyncra. We pull Copa Vida's 'Grace' Espresso by standard, although sometimes we add other seasonal espresso blends.


The manual brewing method has become one of the most popular methods for coffee enthusiasts and baristas alike. Unlike the automatic machine drippers, one can control every variable that happens during the brew, and allows one to brew a cup that is preferred by each person. One can control the grind size, water temperature, water flow and amount of water and coffee in order to accentuate or hide/balance specific characteristics of the coffee.

At Alchemist Coffee Project, we use the Hario V60 and the Chemex for pour over. We also carry these products together with filters and other accessories for home enthusiasts. The following links are guides to pour over coffee: 

Hario v60 Instructions

Chemex Instructions

Other Brewing Methods

At Alchemist Coffee Project, we provide French Press Coffee and Siphon Coffee as an alternative to pour over. The more body the coffee has, the less flavor clarity it tends to have. The French Press method brings out the most body with the least flavor clarity while the Siphon Coffee has the most flavor clarity and the least body.

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