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M - F: 7:30am - 10pm, Sat - Sun: 8am - 10pm

Specialty Artisan Coffee Shop serving top quality coffee. We also serve pastries, panini, other food, cakes, macarons, and more.

Come and enjoy a good cup of coffee!

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our friends

Intelligentsia Single Origin and Blends at our bar.

Intelligentsia (chicago)

Our business started with Intelligentsia, and we have been serving it since then for over 5 years. Intelligentsia Coffee is one of the finest and well known specialty coffee roasters in the US, and they do an amazing job at roasting delicious coffee everyday. 

We serve different Single Origin Coffees at our bar, and we have 12 oz size retail bags freshly roasted every week for sale. Intelligentsia offers a huge variety of single origin coffee and blends, and we want to take advantage of that.

Copa Vida Roastworks in Pasadena.

Copa Vida Roastworks in Pasadena.

copa vida  (pasadena, ca)

We started our relationship with this great bunch not too long after they started roasting at their facility. The Copa Vida team takes their job very seriously, and all of their members are passionate about the craft of roasting and brewing coffee. 

We serve Copa Vida's 'Grace' Espresso as our main espresso. All of our espresso-based beverages are made with 'Grace.' 

Heart Roasters originated in Portland.

Heart Roasters originated in Portland.

Heart roasters (portland)

Hear Roasters is our newest friend. Each and every coffee is so delicious and their bags of coffee so aesthetically pleasing, we couldn't resist but to reach out. This partnership has allowed us to reach even greater possibilities for what we strive. We want to provide our customers the full experience of what coffee can give.

We are offering a variety of coffees from Single Origins to their 'Stereo' espresso blends. We serve them at the bar and offer 12 oz bags of whole beans.

Phil & Sebastian from Canada is now here at Alchemist Coffee Project

Phil & Sebastian from Canada is now here at Alchemist Coffee Project

Phil & Sebastian (canada)

Phil & Sebastian is another one of our newest friends. Their coffee and roasting techniques are top quality, and each and every single origin coffee we got from Phil & Sebastian delivered sensational satisfaction. It is rare to find Phil & Sebastian around this area, so feel free to be excited about it!

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